Steps will ensure less damage time to your AC

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When your AC gets ruined, it seems like the end of the world, especially on a hot day. The AC repair guy takes forever to come and fix it and heat just takes over. Well an interesting fact is that if your AC broke, it can actually be unsafe for you. For business owners who need a commercial chiller machine, which are those large AC that are used for sending cool air to buildings, restaurants and more. They need to avoid any break downs or having the need to call an AC repair guy to come fix anything. Because every second wasted is very critical to their business. Therefore it is always best to do these check-ups from time to time to make sure everything is smooth. Following these steps will ensure less damage time to your AC.

  • The heads on the chiller unit can be dropped.
  • Always make sure that the tubes are clean. Because if they are not fully clean then the heat inside of it cannot be transferred correctly and may cause over-heating at one point.
  • It is always best to check on your AC while it’s off and while it’s running. This will help you examine if anything is not like it always is. Try to take a few oil samples to see if it needs to be changed.
  • Another type of sample that should be taken is refrigerant. Since this is what is holding your AC together. Always make sure that the amount is correctly so you can have a long life AC else damage may occur to the unit.
  • Eddy Testing: it is said in many AC services that Eddy Current testing is the best way to test out the AC. All that needs to be done is to make sure there is electromagnetic stimulation. The best part is that no harm or dangerous explosives will occur during this test. It is simply just to examine the AC and make sure everything is running smooth.
  • Water is a very important aspect in AC, and at times it needs to be removed. Water can get moldy once in the same area for a long time. Therefore it is best to check that out and remove/replace when needed.
  • At times an owner can get confused if the AC was working better or worse than it was yesterday. At times he/she might even imagine that the AC is better after fixing when it usually is not. Therefore, it is best to keep everything documented to compare with other days.
  • When winter time comes, the AC tends to have frost bites at times. To avoid this, try to lower the cool air so it is not too cold. Keep in mind that the outside is cool as well, so they will be exporting cold air. Thus it is better to reduce the temperature.
If you see leaks, water flowing out, temperature not changing or even hearing noises, this would be a majorly bad issue. Always stay on top of things before it even reaches that level.


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