Does your AC

constantly overflow

& flood your house?


to AC slime


Eliminate the need for Emergency AC Drain Service

Save time and money with Slimeguard

Millions of dollars are wasted on slime related warranty service calls each year and the problem is getting worse. This problem plagues many households, especially during the summer months when the use of the AC is increased.

We have developed and patented a proven process to eliminate over 90% of all slime growth in the HVAC drain pan. We coat the drain pain with a special mixture of copper based elements which act to prevent growth of slime. This can have a huge savings impact to a homeowner.


Scientifically Proven to Work

Save time and money with Slimeguard

The current solution on the market to this issue are chemical based treatments, but they do not last. Contractors are frustrated at the ineffective, short-term chemical solutions available today.

  • Tablets and liquids that wash away
  • Repeat treatments are required
  • Expensive short-term solution
  • Not good for the environment
  • Toxic chemicals around homes

Our product was Field Tested in Southern Florida approx. 4 years. NO SLIME GROWTH WAS FOUND IN THE FOLLOWING 3 CONDITIONS:

  • Approx. 45 months of testing
  • Extreme climate conditions
  • New and Used AC units