Meet our Smart HVAC maintenance solution.

The Smart HVAC Maintenance system will predict breakdowns before they happen. They catch small problems before they become expensive and can even detect an water leaks before catastrophic damage can occur. It also tracks air filter health percentage to optimize replacements and can monitor your HVAC system health through real-time data. All of these benefits will provide transparency with your service provider. It helps you stay ahead of problems and keeps your home in the comfort zone.


Our app features let you take control of your HVAC insights and health.

Smart hvac maintenance
System status

Stay informed and see all your “check engine” lights on one screen.

Smart hvac maintenance
My Tech messaging

Live chat directly with HVAC experts in real time in the app to answer questions or troubleshoot an issue

Smart hvac maintenance
Filter health status

Status based on actual system pressures and have filters ship to your door automatically when you need them

Smart hvac maintenance
Freeze alerts

Receive alerts when approaching freezing temperatures to avoid damage from pipes bursting


Smart hvac maintenance
Water leak alerts

Detect water leaks before they cause catastrophic damage and become eligible for insurance discounts with monitored leak detection

Smart hvac maintenance
Breakdown risk score

Custom breakdown profile based on your system operation, equipment characteristics and behavior. Small changes made in advance can save a lot of time and money

Smart hvac maintenance
Daily Insights

We track cycle counts, runtime and daily performance to ensure everything is running well and alert you if needed


Stop changing filters at random. The app alerts you to the optimal time to replace your filter based on real-time filter performance.

Smart monitoring for your HVAC system.

1 - System Health
  • We track the exact percentage of the air filters in your home every day and let you know when to change.
2 - Your Health
  • Always have the freshest air filter protecting against dust, allergens, and airborn viruses.
3 - Energy Savings
  • A well-maintained HVAC system requires less energy to operate, saving you money on electricity bills.