Emergency AC Service Calls and AC Repair Services

Air Conditioning Services: Emergency AC Service Calls and AC Repair Services

Residential places are vulnerable to HVAC emergency which needs immediate attention. However, we will be there for you immediately for repairs.

Over the years, we have dealt with several emergency cases faced by business owners, home owners and property managers who wanted HVAC repairs after an emergency case. Such cases are also vulnerable to "upsell" during the emergency call thus making the process harder for them. This means that you can get scammed when all you want is a quick repair. Repair services are most likely to use the emergency case as an opportunity to cost more without high quality repairs. But you do not have to suffer anymore. There are service repair companies for HVAC which provide emergency services particularly. True Cool AC will be there for you on time and give you fair solutions. Within short time we will provide honest solution for the least investment so you can get the job done in affordable prices.

Moreover, we have worked with several clients in the past therefore giving us top-notch experience in dealing with HVAC emergency cases. We will dispatch HVAC emergency technician as soon as possible to give you quick service. This is why we provide the option for emergency service calls with real repairs and solutions for the HVAC units. Whether it is for your business or home, we will be there for you as soon as possible once you have placed your emergency call.

For homeowners, we offer residential emergency services located in Richmond and Hampton Roads. Our residential cooling and heating emergency services are open to all the people who are facing heating and cooling system problems and we will make sure to reach to you with technicians as soon as possible!


We understand how difficult it could be to cope in case of HVAC shut down at a complex, strip mall or business. It can really be devastating and frustrating. However, we have been dealing with such HVAC emergency cases for years now. We have learned from our past experiences as well as earned the reputation through our quick services. We do not only offer fast and real solutions but also accurate repairs for the HVAC. We have responded to all the emergency cases in the past within one emergency call.

If you are also going through a HVAC emergency in South Florida, you can give emergency call at our main dispatch line: 305-232-7575. As soon as you have placed the call, we will dispatch our technicians to your strip mall.

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Air Conditioning Services: AC repair Miami

AC is the lifesaver during hot summers. So, it is necessary to make sure that it is clean and circulates healthy air in the room. If it breaks down due to some reason and the repair guy takes too long to come and repair it, then it will be quite frustrating for you. In certain cases, the breakdown is quite dangerous for the people residing in the home, so it needs to be repaired immediately.

To ensure safety, it is important for the cooling system to run properly. If you fail to maintain your AC through consistent examinations by professionals, you may have to bear expenses that can very high. Its chillers need regular servicing. This process involves a few steps which are enumerated below:

1. The head portion of the chilling unit needs to be dropped.

2. In order to make sure that the tubes transfer heat efficiently, the brush tubes need to be thoroughly cleaned. Thus the chilling unit can work in a much better way.

3. When the chiller is operating, the samples of oil should be taken at regular intervals to analyse and test it. This will help in determining their efficiency as well as certifying it.

4. The refrigerant samples have to be tested as it is a vital part that says much about the chilling unit. You can't find any leaks if the refrigerant is charged properly, otherwise, you will have to face failures. This may further cause damage in the unit such as refrigerant's carryover, compressor impeller and the overloaded motor will decrease the capacity as well. All these will cause a spike in the power consumption

5. Eddy current tests are performed randomly in which a non-destructive electromagnet is used and operates through the induction principle. It prevents the release of any harmful chemicals or radiations.

6. Every month, water analysis needs to be performed to know if there is any fault in your AC. There are environmental friendly water treatments available which you should choose.

7. At frequent intervals, it is necessary to monitor and take note of the performance of your AC. This will help in identifying any deviations and set up control measures on the basis of the performance measures set by the manufacturer. Whenever any discrepancy is found, a thorough examination has to be performed to correct it. You can use certain apps which play a vital role in process monitoring.

8. Besides summers, proper maintenance of AC is also needed during the winters. You should ensure that the systems are set at 40 degrees. This will prevent freezing within the units. The dampers and the controls in the building must be examined randomly. The mechanical rooms need to be protected for preventing damages. Make sure that the room is heated and properly insulated to accomplish this. A consistent servicing of the chiller ensures better performance along with your safety.

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