There Is an Improved Method for Strip Mall HAVC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Services: There Is an Improved Method for Strip Mall HAVC Maintenance

One of the major concerns during strip mall leases is to figure out ways for HVAC maintenance for enhanced experience of consumers. However, HVAC is most taken care of by the tenant. In the past major flaws have been noticed when it comes to maintenance of HVAC units as tenants fail to take proper measures that will keep the units maintained conserved. There have been many changes made to preserve HVAC units. For instance, we will charge the costs as CAM (Common Area Maintenance) when we take up the task of maintenance. Moreover, we will make sure that it charges less than the tenants as well.

In order to make sure that everyone was aware of this new change, we sent letters to tenants regarding it. We gave them a 60 day period before implying our policy. However, we also gave them the margin to provide us with invoices of quarterly maintenance which also qualifies as the stipulate maintenance period in the lease which would delete them from the service. As a result, 7% of tenants were able to provide us with the invoices which testified to the fact that they were not maintaining HVAC units properly.

Following this, we also bid services scope to trusted HVAC contractors who have been held in high esteem by the property management company. In order to make sure that proper steps would be taken, we specified the quarterly filer changes along with semi-annual inspections essential for the maintenance. Moreover, the costs of repairs to be made were charged to the tenants.

This policy follows two basic arguments which further support the case. For instance, the first one is that tenants are responsible for repairmen and replacement of HVAC units. In addition to that, it is up to them to pay the contract rent. However, strip malls have had to reduce the rent since 2008 to make sure that tenants were able to afford the cost as well as provide the HVAC maintenance. Now that strip mall owners are becoming more involved, we plan to take care of HVAC units so they would work longer as well as save money.

The other argument regarding this case is that strip mall owners become responsible for the units as they take over the maintenance. This means that the onus of units falls on the strip mall owners which leave no other option than to change tenant in lease. Although, for the longest time, things have not been challenged but the issued letter made sure that we will not tolerate bad maintenance. In addition to that, the maintenance company will have to prove that they have kept up with their promised job or they will be replaced.

Although these changes are recent, we are unable to determine the results. Another important counter argument to come out of this policy is that would it be justified for owners to take over the responsibility of maintenance and think if it is improvement or not. It is early to make any assumptions but for now it seems like a good idea.

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